Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Matthew 10:16-20 (NCV)

"Listen, I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. So be as clever as snakes and as innocent as doves. 17 Be careful of people, because they will arrest you and take you to court and whip you in their synagogues. Because of me you will be taken to stand before governors and kings, and you will tell them and the non-Jewish people about me. When you are arrested, don't worry about what to say or how to say it. At that time you will be given the things to say. It will not really be you speaking but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.

We need to remember that the disciples were common men given a compelling task. Before they were the stained-glassed saints in churches of today, they were somebody's next door neighbor trying to make a living and raise a family. They weren't cut from theological cloth or raised on supernatural milk. But they were an ounce more devoted than they were afraid and, as a result did some extraordinary things.

We are all called to be disciples in Christ. That doesn't mean God expects you to got out and beat your Bible at people to get them to turn from their sinful ways. Actually, I bet that didn't even work for you to find Christ! What He does expect as a follower of Christ is to Love as He has Loved you! Mercy, kindness, gentleness, self-control...all these things are of Christ! When we love like He Loves...people are drawn to the God in your life. "Tell me more about this Jesus you claim to know!"

In His Love all things are POSSIBLE,
Mama Barb

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